ENCORE: Cooking With Cannabis; Midwest Food Road Trips; Writing About Black Food in Chicago – WILL News

Recreational marijuana will become legal in Illinois on January 1st. But there’s already a whole world of edibles that includes chefs, writers, and manufacturers. Plus, have you gone on that summer road trip yet? Because there are great food destinations that aren’t too far from Illinois. And, during the month of June, the Chicago Tribune put the spotlight on Black food and culture on the city’s South Side.

Earlier this year, our state government legalized recreational marijuana in Illinois. It becomes legal on January 1st, and it could lead to many changes in Illinois’ economy and criminal justice system.

Of course, recreational marijuana is already legal in ten other states and Washington, D.C. And medical marijuana is legal in even more places. So the question is often not if you can use it, but how. 

And for many people the answer to that question is eating it. But edible pot has come a long way

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