Cowichan fair to judge who’s top of pot

New to the Cowichan Exhibition: Weed. For real. They have added a marijuana contest to September’s fair, giving the valley’s finest amateur dope-growers a chance to strut their stuff, just like the onion-picklers and Holstein-raising 4-H kids.

“To the best of my knowledge, we’re the first in Canada to do this,”

Bud — no, I’m not making up that name — is the one who came up with the idea of adding a cannabis category to the 151-year-old fair. “Trudeau legalized it, and I thought: ‘This might be fun,’ ” he says.

So, James took the idea to his fellow exhibition board directors, who ran it past the Mounties, who scratched their heads and looked over at North Cowichan council, who giggled a little, and the next thing you knew there it was in the just-released CowEx catalogue — Division 17, Cannabis, nestled among the laciniated dahlias and yearling heifers.

“We thought: ‘It’s agriculture,

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