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Canna Butter Recipe

More and more people across the states are experimenting with cannabis as a super food or supplement. With the list of benefits growing so are the ways people are looking to use cannabis and add it to their daily regimens.

Here is a great recipe for creating cannabutter or hempbutter, a hemp infused butter for everyday use. Were turning your butter into a superfood. Let’s get started.


1 cup of butter

1 cup or 7-10 oz of decarboxylated ground up Hemp flower

The most essential step is the decarb process heres why:

Hemp flower in raw form produces CBDA. In order to activate the CBD the flower must be heated to convert CBDA to CBD. We suggest to decarb your flower before you begin the cooking process. Decarbing during the cooking process will leave a distinctive taste and will weaken the CBD content.

Basic Cannabutter Recipe

  1. Decarb

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