Why more people are consuming cannabis edibles

Cannabis edibles are becoming increasingly popular, and are in high demand.

Even though smoking marijuana has long-been the most common and traditional method of consuming cannabis, eating it is fast-becoming the latest trend. 

However, archaeological evidence suggests consuming weed in food dates back to 1000 BC. And cannabis as an edible was used for centuries in ancient India and China before it was introduced to Western medicine in the 19th century where it has been used to treat various conditions such as digestive problems and chronic pain. 

The United States saw the rise and popularity of edibles in the 1960s. Today, they are still as popular in the US and around the world due to the benefits they provide. But what exactly are cannabis edibles?

What are cannabis edibles?

Edibles are foods, drinks and recipes made with some sort of cannabis. Whether it is raw cannabis with a high THC level, hemp or CBD,

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