How to Taste & Pair Food with Cannabis

of the most exciting elements of cannabis, in a culinary sense, is its ability
to interface with food and drink in very interesting and powerful ways. Much
like a dry, acidic, citrus-forward rosé is the perfect partner to a piece of
seared fish, the uncanny citrus qualities of Tangie, for example, complement a
ponzu-soaked piece of sashimi.

Today’s modern cannabis products, such as separated terpenes, can give you incredible versatility, creating a rich dining experience as aroma and flavor notes bounce back and forth.

While you are able to impart some complementary or contrasting flavors with infusion methods that use lower heat, or by adding terpenes directly to food, you can also have great success pairing cannabis flavors with food via smoked or vaporized cannabis, specifically high-terpene concentrates. And,

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