‘Vegetables Illustrated’ sure has a lot of meat recipes

If you are like me, you’d read the cookbook title “Cook’s Vegetables Illustrated” and think “OK, so this is all about vegetarian food.”

Spoiler alert – this volume from America’s Test Kitchen is definitely not a cookbook for vegetarians or vegans.

This massive tome puts vegetables front-and-center. It’s just that some of the “vegetable” recipes are dishes like beef enchiladas, chicken mole and steak with chimichurri sauce. Sure, enchiladas have some beans in them and mole sauce uses chili peppers. I guess you could argue that the herbs in chimichurri are vegetables too, but it’s a bit of a stretch.

Courtesy of America’s Test Kitchen

Underneath the misleading title, however, lies a book jam-packed with information, recipes, tips, techniques and science. The volume is broken down by sections focused on a particular vegetable. Like

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