Canadian Cannabis Scorecard (Summer 2019)

What is the Cannabis Scorecard?

The Cannabis Scorecard is a comprehensive tool for investors to judge which Canadian companies are best and worst positioned to capitalize on the recent legalization of cannabis.

A regularly updated scorecard for the quickly expanding list of U.S. operators is also available.

The scorecard is full of important charts and metrics, providing you with a quick way to judge which companies may be worth an investment and which are better left alone or shorted.



Revenue per gram may seem straightforward, but look a little closer and it can give us some useful information about the pricing strategy of each company.

Does management want to be the premium product in the market, the value brand or something in between?

When supply and demand are balanced a company’s market share often determines what pricing they can get away with. The higher the market share, the higher the price.

We would not

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