The joys of baking with just one bowl to wash

Many of us love preparing a homemade treat, even on a weeknight, but aren’t crazy about baking projects (the kinds that call for running to two grocery stores for hard-to-source ingredients and tackling several components over several hours – if not days). Nor are we fond of doing dishes. I don’t think I’m the only one who has assembled something sweet over the better part of an evening, finally placed it in the oven, turned to a sink piled high with dirty bowls, ramekins and measuring cups, and thought, “I am never doing this again.”

Well, with one-bowl baking, you may never have to.

One-bowl baking, for the unfamiliar, is for busy folks who delight in baking delicious treats with short, easy-to-follow recipes, using pantry-friendly ingredients that mix up quickly in just one bowl. It is for those of us who constantly search for timesaving methods when it comes to meal-prep, but

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