How Are CBD Products Regulated Under Canadian Cannabis Law? – Food, Drugs, Healthcare, Life Sciences – Canada

In the wake of Canadas initial legalization of cannabis
for adult recreational use, a number of impactful global regulatory
changes and discussions have followed. A paradigm shift has
begun as other countries have started to loosen their existing
cannabis regulations, or at least to consider such actions.
Unsurprisingly, both the public and private markets continue
to flood with budding cannabis companies (where legally allowed)
hoping to carve out a niche for themselves. To gain an edge,
many of these companies have focused their efforts on producing,
processing and selling CBD (Cannabidiol)a chemical compound
derived from cannabis that has blurred certain regulatory

As with many rapidly evolving industries, there is often a gap
between a business legal knowledge and the reality of the
regulatory environment in which it operates. This article
seeks to shed light on Canadas current regulatory regime
governing the production, processing, and sale of CBD and CBD


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