Maine’s biggest marijuana company threatens to sue state if it’s shut out of recreational market

AUGUSTA — The state’s biggest marijuana company, Wellness Connection, is threatening to sue Maine if it doesn’t change proposed residency requirements that would shut it out of the state’s emerging recreational marijuana market.

“We’re very concerned that the residency requirement in current form would provide a serious obstacle to Wellness’ entry into the adult-use market,” attorney Dan Walker said during testimony to the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee on Monday.

The hearing was likely to be the last on the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy’s proposed adult-use cannabis regulations. The committee will review the department’s revised rules as early as Tuesday in hopes of sending them to the full Legislature for a vote before it is scheduled to recess for the summer on June 19.

In the interest of launching the state’s long-awaited recreational marijuana market, Wellness Connection was willing to overlook the unconstitutionality of making the first wave of marijuana business

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