Why the Weed Vaporizer Is the Future of Cannabis Consumption

There are many ways to consume cannabis but the weed vaporizer, including CBD vapes, is emerging as the leading smoking accessory on the market. Vapes are on track to soon take the largest share of the cannabis accessories market, thanks to these factors.

Why weed vaporizer are so popular.

There are several reasons why entrepreneurs should expect vaping to surpass flower, edibles and other methods of consumption across the United States:

Concentrates: Concentrates, usually sold as vapes, are the most popular product in California, the largest American recreational market. Last year in California, cannabis concentrates outsold flower (37 percent compared to 33 percent) for the first time in history, according to figures from BDA Analytics.

The industry as a whole is moving towards vaping. The cannabis industry trend towards vapes is strong in other states. Vape sales increased 69 percent in 2018 alone, according to statistics from the same

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