East Coast Cannabis: Atlantic Ganja Getaways You Can’t Pass Up

The West Coast is famed for its cannabis culture — but the East Coast has its fair share of weed-friendly vacation destinations, too! Take a trip to one of these top pot spots for a new kind of ganja getaway.

Toronto, Ontario

Canada legalized cannabis for adult use across the country in October, 2018. Toronto, the biggest city in Canada, is a multicultural hub of business, arts and culture. It’s also the cannabis center of the world, according to Lisa Campbell, CEO of Lifford Cannabis Solutions, a sales and marketing agency headquartered in Canada’s “Big Smoke.”

“Toronto is the heart of cannabis culture, and has been cannabis-friendly since the local police announced weed was decriminalized over 15 years ago,” Campbell says. She points us to the oldest cannabis lounge in Canada, the Hot Box Cafe, located in the heart of Kensington Market, where guests are welcome to consume their weed on the outdoor

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