Decarboxylation 101: How to Decarb by Sous Vide

The precise nature of the sous vide method makes the decarboxylation process almost fool-proof. While it is a financial investment, the cost is justified if you are cooking with cannabis regularly, especially since immersion circulators can be purchased for around $100.

With an immersion circulator, you can dial in a lower, exact temperature which will preserve terpenes and flavour while producing almost no smell.


Decarboxylation decarb sous vide

  • Immersion circulator
  • Container for immersion circulator (a large pot or plastic tub would work)
  • Vacuum sealer or zip-top freezer bag
  • Cannabis


Decarboxylation decarb sous vide
Jesse Milns/Leafly
    1. Prepare your water bath by filling your container with hot tap water, then place the immersion circulator inside. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the right amount of water is in the container. Set the immersion

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