Cannabis Strips: How Tiny Tongue Films of Medical Marijuana for Oral Consumption Work

With the expansion of the cannabis industry, companies are continually coming up with innovative ways for consumers to benefit. While smoking and vaping are still commonly used, increasingly popular are various types of edibles. This ever-growing category includes anything that is ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. The newest product to join this category are cannabis strips. The strips are a tiny film of cannabis that is placed under the tongue to dissolve. They are becoming quite popular and it is their uniqueness and efficacy that are making them stand out – but, how do they work?

When placed under the tongue, the strips interact with the saliva in your mouth. More specifically, the saliva-producing membranes in your mouth are resistant and able to regenerate cells very quickly. They have many functions with the main one being to protect your oral cavity from any germs or bacteria that may enter.

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