Is Society Ready to Accept CBD? | Westword

Gas stations, national supermarket chains and just about every other retail outlet is jumping on the CBD train to help sales. Mobile vendors are even selling it — but how long will the wheels keep moving?

Bart Mowrey originally built his Clowdee trailer as a mobile vendor for vaporizer products but has shifted toward CBD as he’s noticed the cannabinoid’s popularity grow. He has since parked his Airstream-style trailer outside of suburban shopping centers and at local food and arts festivals, and hasn’t had problems attracting attention.

“You always try to find a vertical where there’s zero population, and mobilizing something gives it a sense of individuality,” he says. “It’s a little challenging from the standpoint of being viewed as something new and different. People are a little weirded out about it, so connecting with the street can be difficult. But it’s changing slowly. People aren’t used to seeing mobile commerce outside of food.”

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