This Is The Last Year You Can Camp In A Giant Urban Tent In Montreal’s Old Port

If you like the idea of camping but consider yourself an urbanite, there is a perfect spot for you to pretend you’re deep in the heart of nature without actually being deep in the heart of nature.

oTENTik Urban Tents are now open and accepting reservations. Located right smack dab in the middle of the Lachine bike path along the canal, this is your chance to camp while still a walk away from a metro and the nearest sangria terrace. 

These are seven chalet-like tents set up in front of the Silo No. 5 building (you know, that building everyone thinks is an eyesore but that we personally love) so you are a stone’s throw away from the bike path or access to the Old Port.

Each tent comes with pretty much everything you need to pretend you’re camping; communal BBQs, showers, mattresses, camping chairs, cooking equipment, and picnic tables. If you’re feeling

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