Americans Bought $400 Million in Marijuana for July Fourth

More than one in four Americans now live in a legalization state, and consumers stocked up for their vacation weekends. (I myself scooped up eighths of Super Glue, Orange Creamsicle, Pink Cookies, and Banana Punch from The Green Cross, San Francisco for the long week of rest and relaxation.)

Higher Sales Each Day

July Fourth fell on a Thursday this year, but sales began to climb early in the week. Sunday, June 30, became the highest grossing Sunday of the year, with sales up 50% higher than the daily average. Cannabis retailers then saw sales ramp higher each day as the week went on.

Monday, July 1, became the highest grossing Monday of the year, with 1.45-times daily average sales—a 45% increase. Tuesday, July 2, became the highest grossing Tuesday of the year, with sales up 53% over the daily average.

Sales peaked Wednesday,

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