Looking for healthy, easy recipes? (Who isn’t?) ‘Ultimate One-Pan Oven Cookbook’ has your name on it

In the age of Tasty videos and all things efficient, I love the carefree idea of putting all the ingredients for one meal on a single pan and baking it to completion. When I picked up “The Ultimate One-Pan Oven Cookbook,” I was excited for a book of recipes that, as the tagline on the cover promised, “Complete Meals Using Just Your Sheet Pan, Dutch Oven, Roasting Pan and More.”

Photo courtesy of Page Street Publishing


“The Ultimate One-Pan Oven Cookbook” By Julia Konovalova. Page Street Publishing. $21.99 paperback.

Julia Konovalova, the author and creator of the all-things food blog Imagelicious, subscribes to the idea that oven-baking is a simple and relaxing way to get good, healthy food on the table. In her introduction, she writes that “The Ultimate One-Pan Oven Cookbook” is meant to

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