Helicopters and Convoy in Hayfork Area

Helicopters at Hayfork Airport

Helicopters at Hayfork Airport. [Crop of a photo provided by a witness]

Three to four helicopters were at the Hayfork Airport this morning. At least one convoy of around 15 vehicles was captured on video northeast of Hayfork on Barker Valley Road. The convoy was reported to contain members of the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Shasta Trinity National Forest Service.

One witness on social media described seeing the “[b]iggest helicopter I ever seen.” He also described a large military type truck at the airport.

Though most of the agencies have not responded to a request for more information, witnesses in the area believe that this is a marijuana eradication operation. We received a report that equipment is digging behind the Hayfork Dump where law enforcement has buried confiscated marijuana in the

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