Planning for legal edibles a challenge says P.E.I. Cannabis

Six months before cannabis edibles hit store shelves across the country, the government corporation that runs P.E.I.’s pot shops says there are still a lot of questions making planning a challenge.

New cannabis products — like edibles, beverages, topicals and extracts — will be for sale legally in Canada in mid-December, with regulations on packaging designed to limit appeal and reduce the risk of over-consumption.

Experiment with this, but don’t go overboard.— Zach Currie

P.E.I. Cannabis director of operations Zach Currie said while he anticipates legal edibles will boost business stores and staff will need to be ready for, it’s impossible to know how high demand will be. 

“I think the biggest challenge is just understanding what’s even going to be available and what will be available for us to purchase,” Currie said. 

The federal government has already warned Canadians should expect a small initial supply of cannabis edibles when they become legal, adding that the

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