Five Questions With Arend Richard: CEO Of The Weed Tube

Arend Richard:

Photo Courtesy: Arend Richard

I met Arend over lunch in NYC recently and within a few minutes I realized the difference between the media moguls of the past and the new leaders of the present. Arend is one of those new leaders. He is confident yet humble in his soft-spoken, gentle manner. I found him to be engaging and crisp. He speaks with a smile and he is well known and liked within the tribe. He’s on to something that is very modern, very cool indeed. His style is forthright, humorous and well punctuated by thought. He’s precisely the kind of entrepreneur who would dream in color, yet is well grounded in pragmatic reality. He knows where he is from and how tough it was to get here. Arend is definitely going places. I see it. You shall too. Thank you Arend,

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