Benefits of cannabis questioned

Dear Editor,

I would like to tell your readers about my experience with legalized cannabis.

I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis eight years ago. It is a condition caused by a nerve, leading from the inside of my spinal column to my legs, being compressed. The moment I put my weight on my legs, the pain is excruciating.

My family doctor prescribed pain-killing medication that dulls the pain somewhat but is a long way from being a panacea. I have to use a walker to walk.
Shortly after cannabis was legalized, I told my doctor I would like to see whether it would relieve some of the pain. He said he could not prescribe it, and referred me to a natural health clinic. At the clinic I was  “educated” on the use of cannabis, checked by their doctor, and advised about registration and procurement.

I contacted one of the licensed producers and ordered 50 mg (a month’s supply) of CBD oil at

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