June 2019

Helicopters at Hayfork Airport. [Crop of a photo provided by a witness] Three to four helicopters were at the Hayfork Airport this morning. At least one convoy of around 15 vehicles was captured on video northeast of Hayfork on Barker Valley Road. The convoy was reported to contain members of the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, […]

In January 2019, Alex Berenson, a novelist and former New York Times reporter, released “Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence.” The book suggested heavy marijuana use could trigger psychosis and increase violent behavior – effects Berenson claimed Big Marijuana didn’t want users to know. The book marked the return of […]

BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Eastside is being painted evergreen as cannabis retailer The Evergreen Market takes over the former Belmar location at 638 116th Avenue NE in Bellevue. With the torch being passed to retail titan The Evergreen Market, Bellevue cannabis customers will be able to pick up right where they left off, even using […]

Chris Schutte, the municipality’s director of economic and community development, tracks the tax money. “What we’ve seen over the past three years has been a steady increase in the revenue generated by marijuana retail sales and therefore an increase in the collection of retail sales tax,” he said. Annual revenue from the tax has grown […]

Six months before cannabis edibles hit store shelves across the country, the government corporation that runs P.E.I.’s pot shops says there are still a lot of questions making planning a challenge. New cannabis products — like edibles, beverages, topicals and extracts — will be for sale legally in Canada in mid-December, with regulations on packaging […]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve noticed the recent explosion of cannabidiol, better known by its shortened moniker, CBD. From gummies and grooming products to oils and energy drinks, it seems no product category is off limits for the trendy, albeit polarizing, ingredient. But despite its whiplash-worthy rise to mainstream recognition, […]

CBD dispensaries have popped up in many states all over the country in people’s hunt for wellness. But CBD oil can also be used to help dogs with anxiety and other issues. What is CBD and how does it work? And, will it give your dog the munchies? First, let’s define some of the terms […]