CDOT collects ideas in Vail Valley for campaign to curb driving high

Kent Larick, a budtender at Roots Rx in Edwards, and Fernando Almanza, a 911 dispatcher at the Vail Public Safety Communications Center, discuss solutions to stop drivers from using marijuana while operating a vehicle.
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To participate

For information or to offer suggestions for a campaign to help curb driving high in Colorado, go to the Colorado Department of Transportation’s site about the issue.


EAGLE — The dispensary owner pointed at the cops and said, “you need a test you can give that indicates someone is driving high.”

So when it comes to driving high, cops and cannabis people
are on the same side … and that’s not yours if you insist on driving under the
influence of marijuana.

Sam Cole, from the Colorado Department of Transportation, is traveling the state leading the Cannabis Conversation, collecting ideas and brainstorming ways to convince

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