Stock Chatter: Ruralco Holdings Limited (ASX:RHL), ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CNSX:WRLD.U) Quant & Returns in Focus

In reviewing some key ratios and quant data for Ruralco Holdings Limited (ASX:RHL), we note that the mother of all ratios (Return on Equity) stands at 0.082814 for the firm.  ROE reveals what percentage of each investment dollar is returned as a profit.  Used in conjunction with a variety of other ratios, this indicator is a very important tool for investors in determining the effectiveness of a company to generate returns for investors.

Investors may have to periodically remind themselves that they don’t have to be locked in to any given trade. Sometimes, even the best researched trade may go sour. Doubling down on losses can be a dangerous game even for the experienced investor. Investors may hold out exiting a certain trade with the hope that eventually the stock will bounce back and they can at least break even. Of course this may

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