Worcester State offering non-credit cannabis industry course

Worcester State University has begun offering a non-credit certificate for those looking to enter the state’s newest industry.

The school’s Center for Business and Industry is now offering a cannabis industry workforce certificate program, a series of online training options to prepare graduates looking to enter the industry.

The program offers training in cultivation, managing a dispensary and navigating the evolving legal challenges in the industry.

“Workers in the cannabis industry are needed in all areas of accounting, finance, production, quality control, and operations, so these credentials can be used for entry for a new professional, or as a stackable credential for those interested in lateral opportunities for their existing degrees,” said CBI Director Jeremiah Riordon, in a statement.

The university developed the program after consulting with gardeners, horticulturists, attorneys, physicians, entrepreneurs and chefs, resulting in a course framework including more than 100 videos, e-books and other course materials on growing marijuana,

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