Dank drinks – Arts & Culture – Arts&Culture – May 16, 2019

With more states across the country legalizing marijuana for recreational use, more and more people are finding unique ways to incorporate cannabis products into places that were strictly reserved for alcohol before.

Many cannabis products are being rebranded with words like “luxury,” “high-end” and “upscale.” The cannabis industry has seen a cultural shift around and knows its target market isn’t strictly limited to stereotypical stoners anymore.

From upscale beauty lines made from all-natural CBD hemp oil to ritzy craft cocktails, cannabis products have found their way into many people’s lifestyles—partaking is no longer restricted to just the old-fashioned paper joint, unless that’s what you’re into, and even in that case, dispensaries sell sophisticated prerolls now.

Whether you’re looking for a non-alcoholic alternative infused with THC or are searching for new ways in which CBD or

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