There Is A Growing Market For Nutraceuticals In Integrated Cancer Treatment in the Caribbean

“Every region of the globe offers us natural healing. When people ate food provided by the Earth without tampering with it, there were fewer cases of cancer.”   Liana Werner-Gray

Cancer is the second leading cause of death due to non-communicable diseases in the English-speaking Caribbean. In 2018 alone, the region experienced close to 112,000 new cases and more than 63,000 deaths (Globocan). Yet despite the projected rise in new cases of 55% by 2040, consistent access to conventional cancer treatment has been beyond the reach of many cancer sufferers and for those with access, extreme adverse side effects and a lack of palliative care have had profound impacts on quality of life. This has created a growing demand for the integration of Caribbean plants and herbs with well-documented medicinal properties as an adjunct to the conventional cancer protocol.*

In the Caribbean, consistent access to conventional

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