Florida’s medical marijuana program is on track — but only part way

The demand of Florida voters is clear. For far too long, patients have stood by waiting for regulators to implement the 2016 Medicinal Marijuana Constitutional Amendment.

Under the law, the state Department of Health is required to issue four new business licenses for every 100,000 patients. Florida currently has registered more than 207,000 qualified patients and the number is growing — without adding the requisite licenses.

Lawsuits and regulatory red tape have bogged the program down, and patients awaiting access to medicinal marijuana continue to suffer. 

Change is finally coming.

Since taking office, Gov. Ron DeSantis has taken a number of actions, including signing legislation to allow smokable marijuana and increasing the number of licenses from 14 to 22. However, these additional licenses were all earmarked as part of a settlement related to applications

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