Some people who need cannabis as medicine being shut out by ill-conceived Ontario system

In the rush to make cannabis accessible through legal retailers, a disabled Toronto man whose medical conditions sometime require urgent, on-demand treatment charges that Ontario forgot to make the plant accessible to many in need.

Speaking at a press conference in early May, 58-year-old Ken Harrower had some harsh words for Ontario’s government, publicly challenging the attorney general, the Office of the Premier and the Toronto Police Service (TPS), which has renewed its crackdown on illegal pot shops and compassion clubs.

Harrower reiterated points made in his complaint filed with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) in January, arguing the provincial cannabis retail system “is arbitrary, flawed and discriminatory against people with disabilities and limited financial means.” Harrower says he’s yet to receive a response from provincial authorities or the TPS.

“The TPS is named in the application because it is tasked with enforcing the provincial

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