Chocolate flows at Tweed’s Smiths Falls factory as legalization of cannabis edibles edges closer

Chocolate is once again flowing at the former Hershey factory. But this time, there’s an extra ingredient that’s expected to be added: cannabis.

Almonte chocolate makers, Erica and Drew Gilmour, owners of Hummingbird Chocolate, are in the factory bringing their high-quality confections into the world of cannabis in a partnership with Tweed – something first announced last summer. It’s a match that’s brining the nostalgia and heritage of chocolate back to Smiths Falls.

“We’ll be making Hummingbird quality chocolate here,” said Erica, in a presentation at the Lanark County Tourism Association’s annual general meeting. “It’s been really exciting times. It’s a whole new world.”

Erica said Hummingbird enthusiastically jumped on board when approached by Tweed.

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