With every two steps toward getting medical marijuana right, Florida takes one step back

As it relates to medical marijuana in the Sunshine State, we still can’t get it right.

In March, more than two years after roughly 71 percent of Florida voters approved of medical marijuana in a 2016 ballot amendment, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation repealing the state’s ban on smoking medically prescribed weed. The bill passed through the Legislature, however reluctantly waved on by our elected representatives, and redefined the term “medical use” to include possession, use or administration of cannabis in smokable form.

Though long overdue, it wasn’t a revolutionary feat on the part of lawmakers given the absurdity of not allowing patients the option of smoking medical marijuana in the first place. To be cautiously optimistic, at that moment it seemed as though we were finally heading in a sound direction for the future of medical marijuana and, though still a hash pipe-dream at best, potentially legal marijuana in Florida.


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