Don’t go overboard on unneeded marijuana packaging rules

This weekend is going to be dope. Each year on 4/20, thousands of people flock to Golden Gate Park’s Hippie Hill to celebrate San Francisco’s favorite funky, skunky, green herb: marijuana.

But people will have to figure out how to access their favorite pre-rolls, gummies and flowers first. After California legalized the recreational use of cannabis, legislators and regulators developed strict packaging guidelines. Most cannabis and cannabis products must now be in re-sealable, tamper-evident, child-resistant containers.

Unfortunately, these plastic boxes and bags can also be difficult for adults to open.

“The packaging can be hard for me to get into,” Chris Schulman, the general manager of San Francisco’s Grass Roots dispensary, laughed.

Schulman remembers when pounds of cannabis were delivered in turkey bags. Employees at the dispensary would put flowers in jars and distribute varying amounts to customers in small baggies. Now everything is individually wrapped

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