A mysterious Orlando weed chef teaches us to make our own cannabis butter truffles

Not too long ago I was invited to attend a mimosa pre-game and bike adventure to a local arts festival. Naturally, I wanted to bring a perfect little treat to celebrate the occasion and I knew these friends were down to dabble. In weed, that is. After a quick assessment of my stash, I decided on an easy-ish edible that would travel well and be fun to pair with mimosas – cannabutter truffles.

Weed edibles are not a quick project. Making cannabutter is a process. So if you’re crunched for time, stick with the smoke. When bringing edibles to a gathering, remember some may prefer not to partake; I typically bring a non-dosed version of the same treat so no one has FOMO. Also, a non-dank version helps to avoid the dreaded greenout: a mix of dosed and non-dosed means you can keep nibbling without your THC levels skyrocketing. (Anyone who’s

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