This Canadian chef is cooking up cannabis for 4/20

­­­­Vancouver native and self-taught chef Travis Petersen is getting creative in the kitchen. Petersen, who has been travelling across Canada and cooking with cannabis infusions for the past year, estimates that he’s cooked for 2,000-plus people during that time.

It may not be what most readily comes to mind when talking cooking, though then again, his path to becoming a chef has been anything but typical. Call it the scenic route.



From oil valve to cooking gear

After working as a business development manager for an oil valve company in Alberta, Petersen, 34, switched gears. He had a brief stint on MasterChef Canada in 2015, after being selected as one of 40 contestants, but as an untrained chef, says he felt, “out of place.”

After leaving the show, he recognized he had a lot to learn. He went on to become the “Nomad Cook”, a culinary brand that

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