More Than Medicine

At the end of 2018, as the first year of legal medical cannabis sales in Maryland was winding down, cannabis review and search-engine website Leafly awarded Curio Wellness “Best Flower Products” in Maryland. With a menu that runs a broad cultivar spectrum—including CBD-dominant varieties in addition to those higher in THC—this recognition is something that helps promote Curio Wellness’ broader mission: educating patients on how cannabis fits into a health regimen.

As such, CEO Michael Bronfein doesn’t view Curio Wellness as a cannabis company. Rather, “we are a pharma company using cannabis as our active ingredient,” he says.

Leafly isn’t the only group recognizing the Curio’s quality: 63 of the 71 Maryland dispensaries carry the vertically integrated company’s branded products. Customers at Curio Wellness’ own dispensary—located in Timonium, just north of Baltimore—seem to love its products, too: First-year patient numbers were double the company’s initial projections.


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