How to Have the Best 4/20 Ever in New York City

Recreational marijuana may not be legal just yet in the Big Apple, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone from partaking. 

According to German research firm ABCD, New York City dwellers are smoking more weed than any other city in the United States — or the world, for that matter. Divided among the city’s 8.6 million residents, then again among actual consumers, New Yorkers went through about 77.44 metric tons of marijuana in 2018, or 171,000 pounds.

With 4/20 approaching, New York is likely to keep getting just as high.

What to Know About New York’s Smoking Laws

New York City is an oasis amid the more conservative cities and towns outside of the five boroughs, although 65% of all New York voters support legalizing recreational marijuana. Nevertheless, don’t flaunt it.

Marijuana possession was decriminalized in 1977, but arrests continued for decades until current Mayor Bill de Blasio directed

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