Hemptations Founder ER Beach Has Been Promoting the Benefits of Hemp for Nearly a Quarter of a Century

Hemptations Paige Deglow7Hemptations founder E.R. BeachPhoto: Paige DeglowE.R. Beach wears head-to-toe hemp every single day, from his hat to his jeans to his red, green and yellow-striped Adidas. And it doesn’t stop there. The coffee cup he’s drinking from? That’s made from hemp. His desk? That too. The chair he’s sitting on? Hemp again.

To graduate from Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio, then known as Heidelberg College, he gave his final speech for his communications degree on industrial hemp — the kind of cannabis that’s made his wardrobe (and more) possible.

“Not medical, not recreational, but industrial hemp,” he says. “Little did I know at that time the life adventure that would set me on.”

When he was approached with the idea of opening a store, he immediately knew what he wanted to sell. The idea for the name

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