Meet the Woman Getting Paid Up to $1,000 a Month to Smoke Weed

Kayla Gerber has what many would consider a dream job: she gets paid $50 an hour to smoke weed.

Last fall Gerber, 27, responded to a posting from Toronto-based company AHLOT, which was seeking “expert-level connoisseurs” to smoke and review strains of weed and get paid $50 an hour doing it.

Gerber had been tagged in multiple Instagram posts about the job and initially thought “this is not a real thing.”

“But there’s no harm in trying,” Gerber told VICE. “So I applied and it wasn’t for months until I heard something.” The company had received more than 25,000 applications from people hoping to be a part of its Cannabis Curation Committee—a group tasked with reporting on the effects of cannabis products to help AHLOT put together sampler packs of legal bud.

They narrowed it down to 25 finalists, including Gerber, who had to plead their cases through

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