Finding the Right Mix for Microdosing

This article is presented by Darwin Brands, a cannabis company based in Arizona, dedicated to helping consumers and patients enjoy cannabis with confidence.

Cannabis consumers look to microdosing for many different reasons. For new consumers, the practice can be a low-risk way to dip a toe in the water. More experienced users, meanwhile, sometimes want the medicinal benefits of cannabis without feeling stoned.

“Microdosing is about being able to use cannabis where you can still get a medicinal benefit or a therapeutic effect from consuming it, but not an intoxicating effect,” explains Jenny Corso, lead scientist for the premium cannabis brand, Darwin.

Whatever their reason for microdosing, consumers and patients should keep in mind that size isn’t all that matters. The makeup of the cannabis you’re consuming also plays a role in its effect, no matter the dosage.

Exacting Extractions

Darwin’s Origin

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