Software Firm Develops ERP System for Cannabis Growers

The ERP technology market is developing solutions for cannabis growers and helping them meet changing distribution and regulatory requirements in an expanding universe of medicinal and recreational marijuana use.

ProcessPro Software of St. Cloud, Minnesota, is the latest ERP company to move from supporting core agricultural clients to spinning off an application for marijuana farmers. The company’s Cultivation Management System, or CMS, is an integrated plant management solution that provides tracking capabilities from propagation to harvest.

ProcessPro has 30 years of industry expertise and manufacturing knowledge backing it up. The company says the latest iteration of its ERP system has been developed for seed-to-sale and farm-to-fork growers and manufacturers. It’s powered by the Global adaptable ERP platform to provide flexibility and ease of use scalability to meet the specific compliance, inventory and financial needs of cannabis farmers.

Under federal law, cannabis is legal across the United States if it has less than 0.3% of THC, the plant’s active ingredient.

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