Rodrick Markus wants to be your green tea pusher

Frequent visitors to Rodrick Markus’s lair expect to encounter powerful aromas such as truffle, strawberry, or barrel-aged tea. No one expects it to smell like weed. But that was the unmistakable perfume I inhaled one recent afternoon as we sat at the table in his twilit warehouse-tasting-room/laboratory at Rare Tea Cellar in Ravenswood. Between us he’d lined up a half dozen glass bowls, each filled with a different premium tea blend—except for the one containing a pile of fat, green Oregon- and Vegas-grown Honolulu Haze nugs.

Those aren’t to be confused with Hawaiian Haze, a cannabis strain with markedly high levels of THC that elicits a euphoric, energetic high. Honolulu Haze won’t do that for you. It’s a hemp strain (and nail polish color, coincidentally) that contains virtually no THC, but does produce noticeable effects, thanks to

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