Marijuana supper clubs in Chicago: ‘It’s not … some kind of criminal enterprise going on here. It’s a dinner party.’

The tables were set and the candles lit. Bouquets of baby’s breath were arranged on black tablecloths, and menus rested atop each plate.

Table for Twenty was hosting its first event of the year. Wearing cocktail party attire, diners who paid $115 for a ticket sipped drinks and enjoyed a five-course meal.

But this wasn’t your typical private dinner club event. At every place setting, a joint was placed neatly next to the silverware and the food and drink was infused with cannabis.

Marijuana is coming out of the shadows, as more states look to legalize the drug for recreational use and the stigma eases. Perhaps nowhere is that more evident than in food, as weed matures from its college-dorm-pot-brownie reputation into a respected ingredient in fine dining. Exclusive, cannabis-infused supper clubs like Chicago-based Table for Twenty are popping up around the country.