How Vegas Chefs Use Cannabis to Unwind and Get Creative After Hours

Chef Dan Krohmer opened Other Mama four years ago in Las Vegas, and the venture quickly got enthusiastic reviews and drew enough business to pay for itself within the first year. The establishment was instrumental in bringing attention to the local neighborhood dining scene that’s currently exploding off the Strip, away from big resorts, celebrity chefs, and menus drafted by hotel executive committees.

This year, he’ll open two more restaurants, so it’s safe to say Krohmer is one of the hardest working chefs in Las Vegas.

He’s also a cannabis smoker.

(Courtesy of Sabin Orr)

“Marijuana helps take the edge off the rest of life, to capture whatever that inner passion is for me,” says Krohmer. “I do smoke on a daily basis. I don’t wake up and get super stoned. I’m not smoking heavy amounts, but I find that marijuana allows

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