Five Ways to Maximize Cannabis When Stuck at Home

Now that the bomb cyclone has hit, we hope you’re stocked up on food — and cannabis. Since cannabis delivery is still illegal in Colorado (though a new bill might change that), your Postmates driver can’t just add a few pre-rolls to your ramen order. You’re going to need to get clever.

Here are five ways to stretch your THC as far as possible on a cold, snowy day. Godspeed, friends.

Peanut butter is a quick, easy host to cannabinoids.EXPAND

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Makeshift Edibles
Single-serving edibles can be made fast and with relative ease, as long as you’re not a stickler for taste. Taking the time to infuse butter or cooking oils will maximize potency and give you better flavor and texture, but that’s difficult when you’re low on herb. So try adding cannabis

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