Does CBD (cannabidiol) treat anxiety-based disorders to bring relaxation? – Baltimore Post

Nowadays it probably feels like your life is a hustle and bustle affair with no end in sight. In most families, both parents have busy careers. In America many people also face long commutes to and from their workplace that involves waiting in traffic-jams along thoroughfares, waiting for commuter buses, or riding trains long distances. At the end of the day, you might have to cope with cooking dinner for the family, tackling homework with the kids, and then finally falling into bed feeling exhausted.

Lack of Slumber Because of Anxious Thoughts

Once you hit the sheets, there is no guarantee of even falling asleep. An overactive mind leads to bouts of insomnia where you lay in the dark with your mind racing across the day’s past events and your plans for tomorrow. Instead of getting much needed ZZZ’s you start to struggle

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