Martha Stewart Signs Deal with Canopy

It was not too long ago that Canada made a groundbreaking
decision to legalize cannabis. Since then many have tried to capitalize on the
opportunity. These people include celebrities, and the latest to jump on the
green rush is lifestyle royalty, Martha Stewart. It has recently been reported
that she struck a deal with cannabis company Canopy. In even more fascinating
news, the person to link Stewart and Canopy is none other than Hip Hop Legend
and marijuana enthusiast Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., better known as Snoop

The Canopy and Snoop Dogg Business Relationship

This story begins with Snoop Dogg first sending Canopy
co-CEO Steve Linton an e-mail stating his interest in the business wanting to
pursue a form of partnership. In his own words, “I didn’t assume it was a
legitimate email, I thought it was a silly joke.” As luck would have it,
it was not a silly e-mail,

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