Support for Cannabis Legalization Ramps up With Increasing Prevalence of CBD Products

NEW YORK, March 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Medical cannabis has been a controversial subject of matter among various national governments and healthcare facilities around the world. The big debate over the plant centers around its safety, its decriminalized status, its addictive properties and if it’s even effective. While multiple studies have set out to learn more about cannabis and its components, some researchers have already validated it. Now, consumers are primarily using cannabis to treat medical conditions such as chronic pain, cancer, seizures, and even muscle spasms. Medical cannabis is also increasingly being adopted by medical facilities as an alternative to traditional drugs such as opioids, which often pose high side effect risks. As of now, studies have suggested that cannabis is not addictive when compared to opioids and requires a much smaller dosage while providing similarly effective results. Advancements in clinical trials will also further accelerate the

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