Here Are the Top Cannabis Jobs Now Hiring, and How Much You Could Earn

A lot of people are eager to work in the business of cannabis. But which job is right for you?

Glassdoor recently released a report on cannabis-related jobs, based on the site’s postings in December 2018. It discussed which regions were most actively looking to fill positions and the types of jobs being offered. So what’s most available? Weedmaps News talked to a few industry professionals to sort out the details behind the current wave of hiring.

Budtenders, Sales Associates, Brand Ambassadors

Want to work for a dispensary? The quickest way to get your foot in the door — and your name on the payroll — is a retail sales position. That includes budtenders (No. 11 in top occupations for open cannabis jobs in the Glassdoor report), sales associates (No. 2), and brand ambassadors (No. 1).

Together, those three

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