3 Numbers That Marijuana Stock Investors Had Better Know

The legal marijuana market could be on its way $200 billion in 15 years, according to beer, wine, and spirits giant Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ). If their projection is anywhere near close to correct, then marijuana stocks could offer investors a shot at investing in an emerging market that could rival tobacco or alcohol someday.

The potential to pocket profits from pot is massive, but that doesn’t mean every cannabis company will be a winner. Many will be losers, and more than a few could wind up in bankruptcy. To improve the odds of picking the right cannabis stock to buy, you should make sure that you know:

  • Whether the company’s on solid financial footing.
  • Whether marijuana production is climbing.
  • Whether the company’s product mix is on point.

No. 1: financial firepower

Canada’s marijuana market represents a big market opportunity for cannabis companies, but it’s not nearly as large of an opportunity as the

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